Just sit down and do it.


It really is that simple. I know far too many people who claim they have to be in the right mood, that they have to wait for their muse to come along whenever its fancy strikes. As though they don’t realize the muse can be summoned.

There are plenty of times I don’t feel like writing. Right now is one of them. There are plenty of times when I don’t feel inspired or I’m busy with other things.

However, the mood does come and for myself at least, I can force it.

Just try the following:

  • make sure you’re not thirsty or hungry, etc.
  • have a set amount of time where you know you will not be distracted – at least a few hours
  • sit down at your computer and open up whatever project you are working on
  • Read through your project from the beginning

If you are still having trouble after about five minutes, either open up a new project or begin a new one. I usually have about five or six on the go that I rotate.

I spent years on various projects, because I waited for until I was in the right mood, and wasted countless hours on things other than writing, hoping the mood would come on its own.

It does not. Just sit down and write.