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Oscar Wilde and HP Lovecraft are two of the writers who had the most influence on my thinking, and the way I see the world.  Although one is known for his light comedic wit, the other schlocky horror, like some strange Hegelian dialiectic I constantly try to reconcile these seemingly divergent paths in my psyche.


Which is probably why I think Cabin in the Woods is one of the greatest movies I’ve seen in ages. Why I love horror comedy in general, or dark comedy. The darker the better. But I also love the most serious, straight up Hammer Horrors as well. Childhood idols included Christopher Lee, Vincent Price and Peter Cushing. Later, Bela Lugosi, undead, undead….

In my life I’ve only ever had two obsessions: movies, and as a teenager, the band Bauhaus (I even have a 45 of the Sinister Ducks). I was never a full-fledged goth because I could never take myself seriously enough or maybe I took myself too seriously. Labels can be limiting and yet there’s something to be said for being in a particular scene or subculture or genre. But that’s for another blog post, another day…


The Happy Prince is the only story that ever made me cry…

I’ve now written four feature-length  screenplays and will keep writing more as I try to push the others out into the world to fend for themselves. Some people see their writing projects as their babies but I try not to get too attached but rather, once one is birthed I prefer to incubate the next one. I’ll never have any 35-year olds living in my basement.


The first one screenplay I finished is a desert chase thriller.  After some major issues coming up with a decent logline I decided to completely re-write it. Same characters and overall story but slightly different premise. More ‘dramatically compelling’ as they say.

Another is a straight up suspense horror, based on an old German fairy tale which in turn is a variant of the old Bluebeard legend.  I read this story over and over again as a child (okay, I lied – I have had more than two obsessions!) because it featured dismemberment and as a seven-year-old in the 70s my options were rather limited in that regard.

Another screenplay is a heist comedy – something silly, absurd, satirical and a blast to write. My latest is a straight-up romantic comedy (!) I wrote in only a week. It’s called focus. In University I used to write 25-page term papers the night before they were due. Yes, I got As and Bs. Combining red wine and chocolate-covered espresso beans can do strange things to your state of consciousness.


Next up, maybe something with Vampires. After Twilight, that is a genre in desperate need of redemption. A website with a photo of an EMP gun has also inspired me to think of something post-apocalyptic.


Ideas, and more ideas. As I said, I am obssessed. Even if I never sell a single screenplay (the horror!!!!) I will keep writing. I have no choice.