I actually first heard of Twitter back in 2006, the first year it was online. Admittedly I thought it was one of the dafter things I’d ever heard of and imagined it would disappear within a few months as yet another passing fad.

Thankfully I’m not paid to be a trendwatcher or I’d have lost that sort of job years ago 😉 That doesn’t mean to say I’ve figured out how to really make use of it yet.

I’ve had an account since 2008 no less, so I’m not exactly a n00b in that regard. At first I found it hard to say anything within the allotted space, but once I got the hang of it and it was no longer a challenge, I got lazy again.

Then I kept forgetting not only my password, but also the email account I’d used to register my profile. Thankfully it wasn’t a work email address. Now I’ve logged on again and have the same feeling I get in a nightclub full of people at once both familiar and strange and lights flashing and music blaring and I can’t help wondering to myself, why am I here?

Currently, I follow 105 people – mostly a mishmash of agents, actors or comedians I like, a handful of people I’ve met online and a few ‘meat world’ friends as well. And on a rare occasion I actually read some of the tweets.

I’ve had exactly two messages in that time. Both were from people I’d love to receive messages from, but unfortunately not they type of message I’d like to receive: hack and spam.

I could be wrong but it seems like one of those ‘all or nothing’ endeavours – to make proper use of it you have to be on there pretty much constantly. 

For now I’ll try to figure out what this ‘lists’ thing is (never noticed it before) and we’ll see…